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From Altar Decorations

by Margie Anderson

This year on Thanksgiving Day, Andy and I will be redraping the cross with the advent colors.

The advent candles will be displayed on the altar this year — something new – something I hope you will all like.

During the month of December, there will be different banners put up at the appropriate times till the Christmas Eve candle lighting service.

PS: Advent starts on November 30 this year.

National Mission Institutions: UMW Giving At Work

by Ann Butler

Nearly 100 national Mission Institutions in the United States empower women, care for children, educate and build youth, look after the neglected, advocate for social justice, create economic opportunities, and change neighborhoods.

Since 1881, United Methodist Women members have had the opportunity to contribute daily to a spontaneous individual offering for the blessings they or their family members have received. It is usually kept in the blue and white World Thank Offering Box (or another designated container) and brought to a special service. The money will be sent through the channels of United Methodist Women Giving in the United States and the world.

The World Thank offering is a part of UMW’s Mission Giving that supports projects working with women, children, and youth in the United States and around the world. It is a daily opportunity to spontaneously drop a coin in a box, can, or jar and say, “Thank You, God for your blessings.” By this means, we share our gifts and blessings with those who may be short of gifts and blessings.

Mission Giving and the World Thank Offering can be seen at work in many other places and through many other people around the world. Our Savior helped many people in his short life. Now, the torch is passed to us: What will we do to help the suffering that is present in our world? How can we amplify the voices of women and children caught in unjust systems?

We have much to be thankful today; and to our UMW dollars. What will happen as a result of our 2012/2013 World Thank Offerings? I hope we can help as many as possible! So, we will be collecting money until next September when the UMW has their first meeting of the year. We will be sending the money from our World Thank Offering to the district office to be added to all of the other churches. What an impact this will make! We should be proud of the fact that we helped make this ministry possible.

A song just came to me! He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands, and so do we!