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Our Ministries follow from our Mission:

"To know Christ and to make Christ known."

We share our property and our time and talents with our community.

We are blessed with a large and comfortable property and buildings. One important ministry is providing space for groups that provide services to our community. For example, the Learning Tree preschool day care center uses several rooms on our campus, plus an outside play area. Boy Scouts, Al-Anon, and AA groups use our facilities on weekday evenings

The United Methodist Women are greatly concerned with Outreach. They hold several fundraising events each year and donate the proceeds to local charitable organizations. Our local church also supports the outreach efforts of our Annual Conference and the national church.

We minister to our community by providing our time and talents. We host a week-long Vacation Bible School every summer and coordinate it with Learning Tree, so their staff can take time off and parents can still have a comfortable, yet stimulating, environment for their childrem. We also work at the Oakdale Chocolate Festival each year, volunteering our time to the Oakdale community.

We are always ready to accept new members and take on new ministries, so please come to see us!