Capsule Contents

Current membership list

Current Church Officials

Pictorial Directory

Church History, 1881-1977

Copy of Cluster Groups

Copy of 1984 Budget

Copy of Council of Ministries, May3, 1984

Church Bulletins, May 20 & June 10, 1984

Centennial Programs September 13, 20, 27, 1981

Letter of Congratulations from President and Mrs. Reagan

Letter, "You are Invited" fro the Centennial, September 1981

Folder of "The Bush Still Burns"

Newsletters - 1978,1981,1983

Small, white "Book of Promises, Words of Life" from Evelyn Morrows Sunday School Class

List of women receiving special memberships

United Methodist Women's Programs 1982


Bulletin of Festival of Praise, September 18, 1988

Program "No Greater Love" March 19, 1978

Song "Planting of the Lord" by Ellen McKinsey

Messiah Programs 1981, 1982, 1983

Letters relative to construction 3-22-56, 3-28-56, 1-23-78, 2-3-78

Program from the Service of Consecration for Crusade Canvassers, February 2, 1978

"Building Now for Faith through Faith", a tan, brown, yellow, ground breaking ad.

Copy of building fund for 1983

Copy of "Finish Phase" of the new sanctuary

Pictures of the ground breaking and construction of the buildings

Saturday Evening Post story of Methodism

Souvenir booklet of the Bi-Centennial for Stanislaus County

$1.00 bill in envelope for the youngest baby in the church, when the capsule is opened. From Alice Sherrick.

1983 penny

$1.00 bill

Double dated 25 cent piece, 1776-1976