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Upcoming events:

Come and invite your friends to a concert by Matt Caldwell, lead singer for the Christian band Esterlyn. Esterlyn is the name of a tiny Chinese girl adopted by Matt and his wife. Matt will perform Christmas and worship songs.

Listen to Esterlyn - Everyday Your Love is New

Tickets are $10, with quantity discounts available for families and groups. We will include a video presentation about Imagine No Malaria (INM). Call 209-847-7777 to purchase your tickets. (Tickets at the door as available).  Concert proceeds above costs will go to Imagine No Malaria.

The United Methodist Church, worldwide, have set a goal of making malaria a disease that is no longer fatal by the year 2015 and eventually stamping it out altogether. This has been done with smallpox and largely accomplished with polio, although cases still occur in isolated areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, where militants prohibit medical teams from inoculating children against polio.

Just a few short years ago, statistics showed a child died every 30 seconds of malaria. Today, because of the dedicated and generous support by United Methodists, malaria’s impact has been cut in half.

According to the World Health Organization (World Malaria Report 2011), this disease now claims a life every 60 seconds. We seek to end all preventable deaths from malaria, so our journey continues….